Ukraine’s Courage, Putin’s Logic, and the Fox News Axis of Evil | The Problem With Jon Stewart


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Jon on why he’s been wowed by Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s transformation from comedian to courageous leader. Plus insights into why Tucker Carlson and his right-wing pals are siding with Vladimir Putin and a very the disturbing use of the term “ballzheimers.” Consider yourself warned.

Featuring Robby Slowik and Rob Christensen

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Date: August 18, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Putin takes ‘nuclear blackmail’ to new level with Belarus plans March 28, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin is upping the ante in his game of nuclear blackmail with the West by promising to place missiles in Belarus. The transfer of nuclear weapons, which comes ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive, is intended to raise fears of escalation as the U.S. and NATO allies consider arming Kyiv with more...
  • New York grand jury not expected to hear additional evidence in Trump case this week March 28, 2023
    The Manhattan grand jury considering former President Trump’s involvement in a 2016 hush payment is not expected to hear additional evidence in the probe this week, according to a source familiar with the matter. The grand jury is not expected to convene Wednesday and will meet on Thursday to consider a different case, according to...
  • Dominion, Fox News want testimony from Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity March 28, 2023
    Fox News’s biggest stars and most powerful leaders could take the witness stand in a Delaware courtroom next month as part of the network’s ongoing legal fight with Dominion Voting Systems, new court documents show.  Hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, as well as Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott, are among the...
  • Mexico is moving to power California and Arizona. But who will pay for it?  March 28, 2023
    Residents of the U.S. Southwest could one day power their homes with solar energy generated across the border — if a multi-pronged plan from the Mexican government comes to fruition. A 120-megawatt capacity photovoltaic plant in the Sonoran seaside city of Puerto Peñasco already began feeding the national grid last month, while another 300 megawatts...
  • Defense chief slams Tuberville's hold on Pentagon nominees over abortion policy March 28, 2023
    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday said there will be "powerful effects" on military readiness if Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) continues to hold up more than 150 Pentagon nominees over an abortion policy in the Defense Department. Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) the U.S. is facing "one of the most complex times"...

24 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Courage, Putin’s Logic, and the Fox News Axis of Evil | The Problem With Jon Stewart

  1. That point about the media is so sadly true. The only time they can shine any more is with a story like this, that (as he put it) actually IS as urgent as they try to make EVERYTHING seem.

  2. Thank you for speaking about what is happening in my Ukraine. We are heart brokean all over the world. It means everything to hear you speak on our wonderful people. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

  3. Repugnantcons live in a fantasy land of their own creation…and they are very creative sometimes. They need to prop up their opponents in order to appear that much stronger when they "win" by obstructing progress that the majority of the US voting aged population wants.

  4. Did war crimes demoralize nazi Germany? Yes, in the latter stages of WW 2. Will War crimes demoralize russian people? Yes to the extent that they are known to them. But russia is a totalitarian state and buttoned up pretty tight. So radio free Europe or the equivalent in russia must play a part in shedding light on the war crimes being perpetrated.

  5. Zelensky needs some research by you 3. Also report on Blackrock buying up Uk farmland? Bioweapon labs on Russian border? NATO expansion? Some research on that hemisphere’s dynamic.

  6. Wow, Jon Stewart comparing this good for nothing plebian to W. Churchill? Poor Stewart, what turned you into a lunatic or moron? One wonders how can once a normal guy turn into an idiot. That is what Jon Stewart has become with his stupid rant. Shame. He may need special care in a mental institution for the delusional. What a pity. Apparently this clip and its idiotic content is intended for the masses of uneducated and uninformed people in United States. Most countries of the world know how uninformed and moronic so many Americans are. Now a television personality by the name of Jon Stewart has turned moronic. What is going on?

  7. Just think how tragic it all is.I understand both points of view in regards to this crisis.Zelensky cut the water off to Crimea after Putin took it during Obama’s time.Putin always knew his nation was going to need the Black Sea as a trade passage and Ukraine was standing in his way.You left him to take Crimea with hardly a shot and then you decided to tweet his nose and cut the fresh water off….what did you think would happen.I think there will be nothing left of Ukraine when it is over.

  8. Why did Putin attack Ukraine while Biden was in office? Multiple reasons. A: He thought NATO was dead and Orangesicle Mcfatman helped that. B: He drives defense spending and needs to know what each side has so they can keep building to defend against it. C: He thought this would be a political winner. D: China interim proxy war. Don't let 3 aircraft carriers be seen as a weakness for an invasion of Taiwan. China has many other weapons, several can take out a modern US aircraft carrier.

  9. If you've spent your entire career deeply observing the failure of the media, why would you look at this situation and think, "Oh, CNN/MSNBC/etc suddenly grew a conscience!" instead of, "Hunh, I wonder what they're not telling me, or perhaps lying about outright?"

    To answer my own question, I think the reason is that this story hits a little closer to home for Jon, and I think it's clouded his more typical impartiality and critical thinking.

    The media has never done a good job–why would this situation be any different?

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