Unfiltered with Dan Bongino 8/27/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 27, 2022


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Date: August 29, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino 8/27/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 27, 2022

  1. I like his passion. This is exactly what we need right now and I've met plenty of democrats who disagree with this as well.. I'm one of them. I'll be honest, My moral has been complete garbage since hearing about this, so unfair.

  2. Dan Bongino, you started talking over your โ€œguestโ€ as soon as she started talking, she was strong enough to keep talking. I didnโ€™t agree with her; nevertheless, you could have been more considerate.

  3. Good show tonight Dan. You are so right Dan on everything you are saying. I'm 64 yes old and got so fed up with all of their bullshit that I threw in the towel. These p.o.s who have control of this country hate it in so many ways. Too me it just proves 1 thing and 1 thing only that the election was stolen. And now things are and will come to an end.

  4. Thank God you started this with what kind of an idiot.. as Biden's presidency has accumulated trillions of dollars of debt almost at a geometric progression speed, with no end in sight. He is selling us out for the vote. For his ego to be reelected we are being jeopardized financially and safety wise, by millions of ILLEGALS. HE DOES NOT DESERVE THE NAME PRESIDENT, HE DESERVES THE NAME CONVICTED FELON, VIOLATING THE CONSTITUION, LET ALONE THE BIBLE, ON A DAILY BASIS. GOD BLESS AND PROTECT PRESIDENT TRUMP. ๐Ÿ™ "OUR FATHER…. AND DELIVER US FROM EVIL… "

  5. We should send those 87,000 armed IRS agents over to Iraq to reclaim our property that we pay taxes for go get that tax money m**********

  6. I would to send a film footage of that guy there in the shadows in the front turn around the film the crowd I wonder how big it is Lexie this big ass crowd

  7. Bongino is a traitor who betrayed this country. Fuck you traitor bongino If you dont like it here then leave traitor we dont want your kind here anyway

  8. They had a general affidavit which is illegal soooooo what they did is break into President Trumps HOME. Steal his personal documents and some personal items. Lie about what they took and fighting like he– to avoid posting their illegal demands and lying about what theycrealltvwanted they took blackbcrayon and scribbled out every pertinent damage they made, thus breaking the promises they made to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our Countries legal system is based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are a government by the people of the people and for the people. Impeach an/or fire the traitors.and let's not wait to do it.

  9. if the smart people move to FLORIDA then the stupid people left will vote in more stupid people to make more stupid laws .just like the stupid ones now in office in the shit hole NEW YORK

  10. Every time the American people put dems in charge they spend all there time Ploting and scheming and passing harmful policies till the Americans open there eyes vote in Republicans they spend all there time trying to fix everything the dems fucked up!! Rinse and repeat it never ends!!!!

  11. Who said it would be a free lunch? Most countries in the western world offer good education and medical care thru taxes.
    At the same time many of them are better off than US in terms of happiness, quality of live according to World Happiness Report.

    It's time US realize they aren't as "great" as they sell it like "the american dream", for all too many it's a mirage and increasingly a nightmare. Individualism, pull your own weight, tax is stealing etc have made U egoistic, the posts speak for themselves.

    Some of you have made education and medical care a business rather than a necessity, so your cost for it is a lot higher than in most other countries. Look at prices for say medicine in say Canada and compare.

    Some make a lot of money out of that but it ain't the american ppl in general, you work your ass off blaming each other…

  12. Dan the liberal lady you had on needs educated, her mind thought needs to go in the toilet. She's a real piece of work with her thoughts she needs to go back to her parents basement.
    Americans are not going to pay Johnny school loans off if we have anything to say about it especially since we busted our ass to pay off our own children's loans.
    That is ridiculous.

  13. Wa saw Germany at the end of WWII print money like the government is doing. Think ahead, we're Gionta o be doing the same thing. Get your wheelbarrow out and fill it over the top with thousands of dollars to go to the store for a loaf of bread. Were living in the beginning of the movie, Ideocrocy!

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