URGENT!! Trump Newest Information 10PM 8/28/22 | Trump information These days August 28, 2022


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Date: August 29, 2022

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  • Five progressives who could be the next Sanders or Warren October 5, 2022
    Progressives love Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). But they are increasingly realizing the two senators, who are 81 and 73 years old, arenโ€™t going to be their leaders forever. Thatโ€™s intensified debates within the left about who might be the best faces to succeed them. Sanders and Warren could both still run […]
  • President caught on hot mic: 'No one f---- with a Biden' October 5, 2022
    President Biden appeared to share a lighthearted, R-rated exchange while caught on a hot mic as he met with Florida officials and residents affected by Hurricane Ian. โ€œNo one f---- with a Biden,โ€ the president appeared to say with a laugh as he had a seemingly friendly conversation with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy...
  • Democrats excoriate Saudis over OPEC+ decision October 5, 2022
    Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration took aim at the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its lead producer, Saudi Arabia, following the announcement that the OPEC+ bloc will cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day. The announcement comes months after President Biden visited Saudi Arabia to appeal to the kingdomโ€™s leaders to...
  • Court agrees to fast-track DOJ's appeal in Trump special master case October 5, 2022
    A federal appeals court on Wednesday agreed to fast-track an appeal by the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the appointment of a special master to review thousands of pages of government records seized this summer from former President Trumpโ€™s Florida home. The one-page order by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit sets...
  • 'Privileged' Mar-a-Lago tranche include Trump legal docs, discussion on pardons October 5, 2022
    An inadvertently shared log of potentially privileged materials taken from former President Trumpโ€™s Florida home includes details of his calls as president, analyses of who should receive pardons and heaps of records tied to his many legal entanglements. The logs, apparently unsealed in error, were first reported by Bloomberg News, which shared the filing that […]

33 thoughts on “URGENT!! Trump Newest Information 10PM 8/28/22 | Trump information These days August 28, 2022

  1. Everyone has a right to their motion to discover you have the right to face your acusers cant prosecute someone on hear say you have to be able to face your acuser

  2. I know im just a regular deplorable American but I believe paper documents in Trumps house in a locked closet those America secrets are way safer than a
    computer server in HillaryClintons house where China had full access to it ๐Ÿค”

  3. Hey trump, you freaking looser [its time for you to go]. America is so tired of your bullshit. Hopefully your base will get out of your awfull addiction, adddicted to shit talk. They need to quit drinking your poisoned kool ade of lies. Enough soon we will be chanting โ€œLock him up lock him upโ€. Like the song says โ€œFUCK TRUMPโ€.

  4. It is not the DOJ's affidavit that is to blame for the total failure of the far-right GOP, but they have to blame themselves. They have achieved exactly NOTHING for the citizen and the economy of the UNITED States since 2020 because they have voted against everything that would have benefited the citizen or the economy. To this end, they have introduced the ban on abortion as an inhuman law in the Republican states with jubilation and the greatest enthusiasm, thus depriving women of their personal right to freely decide about their own bodies. As if that wasn't bad enough, they also want to deprive transgenders, gays and lives of all their rights and freedoms and lock them out of society and exclude them from public life. The Nazi ideas of the far-right GOP promote racial hatred, gun violence and mass murder. The Nazi GOP, in which every member believes it is a little Adolf Hitler, are also the arsonists of violence against employees of the FPI and the DOJ. The well-being of their voters bypasses the far-right, Nazi GOP at its best, because their only concern and all their interests have to do only with the delusional psychopath and mentally ill sociopath Donald Trump, because he is on the verge of permanent residence in prison for his many crimes. Even the spread of Trump's election lie, without having a single piece of evidence, shows once again the innate stupidity and mendacity of Republican politicians and election candidates. Only the stupidest people on our planet would believe this lie, and that's 50 million Republicans who felt common sense because of their stupidity. An unparalleled spiritual testimony of poverty. There is no longer a Republican party with the old values, because anyone who claims that is a liar. Instead, we are now dealing with pathetic, disgusting, mendacious and cowardly National Socialist scum. No reason for the far-right GOP to brag about its pedophiles, QAnon conspirators and national sociologists from within its own ranks. They only amplify the disgusting and nauseating smell of republican scum. But scum is more liquid than water all over the world, and so this Republican scum is likely to be superfluous in the US.

  5. The money will just go back into the economy by way of retail sales. Prices will fall. There are Republican students too… sounds like some are switching to Democrats… logical way of life

  6. This whole attack on trump is TDS on the left. They never learn from their mistakes so we'll spend another 40 million dollars on a bs investigation that will be over nothing other thn a librarian wanting a book back.

  7. The worst government in history keep your four year old BS to America thank you the world wants nothing to do with your dirty corrupt president, where is the ongoing investigation of the laptop and diary? Dems & big guy biden has turned America into a corrupt banana republic…….and as for the diary I'm totally disgusted why hasnt this freak biden been questioned or arrested??? WHY?

  8. For your information the FBI are NEVER Allowed to open or read ANY Documents with any type of Classification that come from any Presidents Home or Office. EXCEPT OF COURSE DONALD TRUMPS ,,,,,,Which makes this raid a SCAM.

  9. Who believes anything the FBI or the DOJ say or leak to the enemies in the media , who believes the corrupted corporate media ?all I've seen is lies from all 3 ! We all know the FBI is liars as well as these demoncrats!

  10. Trust and Honesty went out the door when the Democrats walked in. taken over by an Empire of Corruption = Democrats,, FBI,,, CIA ,,DOJ ,,,TWITTER,,FACEBOOK,,NEWS MEDIA===Lies Deceit,, Money.

  11. Anybody who believes Biden when he says he didn't know about the Trump Raid, need their head read. Biden & Hilary had been working together with the DOJ on this since January 2022.

  12. The purpose of the secrecy laws is mainly to prevent the leak of info regarding incompetence and wrongdoing of politicians and officials, not to prevnt important military secrets falling into the hands of a potential enemy. The sorry state of UK's armed forces is probably a secret, but only the vast majority of UK citizens are in the dark. Putin and Xi Jinping know all about it. Beyond the general state of its pathetic, woke infected armed forces, UK has nothing worth keeping secret apart from the incompetence and corruption of its poiticians. Ask yourself why is the full story of the death of Rudolf Hess a top secret? Would a full knowledge of it give Putin or Xi Jinping a great advantage, or would it embarrass the aristocracy of UK and stain reputations?

  13. They keep saying "classified documents". If it's been declassified then it's no longer "classified documents". Also the president can declassified anything he want without notice to anyone. He is the Executive Branch. He does not have to ask, or tell anyone. The constitution says so. Hillary actually mishandled classified documents. No raid on her home.

  14. This is would be laughable if it wasnโ€™t so sad that they are so frightened of Trump they are on a witch hunt against him Not mention we all know they swept OBAMBA / Clintonโ€™s and others under the carpet as if they hadnโ€™t done anything wrong.

  15. If laws have been broken – as you say nobody is above the law – ask Hillary – ask the FBI – ask the DOG – ask Comey – ask Hunter – ask the Big guy – ask Malajorkes – just to name a few – all Dems and absolutely nothing done – – and this is a law agency without bias -?? How corrupt is this government – they are obsessed and terrified that Donald Trump will become Americas true president

  16. Trump was a Democrat I don't understand why no one talks about when Obama was elected trump talked about his birth certificate saying he was not born here and when no one would listen he stop donations to Democratic party and started being republican and runs for presidency and this guy trump dodge's the draft by saying he had bone spurs and wouldn't fight for his country he was president

  17. nothing was classfied becouse they were declassified before it left the white house, all of it ! This is stupid ! LEAVE TRUMP ALONE, THINGS LIKE THIS COULD GET BLOODY, WE DONT NEED THAT ! THE FBI/DOJ FELL FLAT ON THEIR FACE ! ALL THIS WRONG HAS TO STOP ! ! ! ! !

  18. "Have a look take what you like ! ome back anytime " Nah it's Ok just look them up in the designated room & here is a letter saying how helpful you and your team are. So why the NAZI style knock in the night by the FBI?

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