We must 'protect' teachers who want to teach: Harold Ford Jr.


‘The Five' panelists react to the ongoing battle between teachers' unions and parents on education in America. #foxnews #thefive

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Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

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37 thoughts on “We must 'protect' teachers who want to teach: Harold Ford Jr.

  1. Because they want to dumb down our kids! Just like not teaching cursive!!! Why? So they can’t read important documents such as our very own constitution! As well as changing books and our past important events. The liberal schools have spent the last many years indoctrinating our teachers to socialism. Heck the kids now a days can’t even make change unless they look at the cash register. Make reading, writing and arithmetic most important again!

  2. I'm with Matt Walsh if we don't stop this movement of trans people trying to indoctrinate our children with somehow the levers of government they got their hands on especially with the media just like you fox I'm talking to you then we're going to have a huge problem with this country

  3. It couldn't be something like I don't know something stupid is mustaches on your socks or something like that it had to be that rainbow flag that demonized rainbow flag that was a bad bad optics right then

  4. The same school board that calls parents criminals are the teachers' bosses. HOW CAN'T YOU FIGURE THAT OUT? THAT IS WHY WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TEACHERS. DUH!

  5. The teacher's have become the enemy of the children. The teacher's are for their pocketbook first.
    Why is segregation back? by CRT. They are taught to hate the other based on the race card the teachers like to play.
    Why are they against the parents? Why are they for sexualizing the children behind their back?

  6. Perhaps they're saving the money so they can teach these illegal immigrant children how to fit into our society who knows but it should be spent to teach our kids before anybody else's

  7. Senator Scott is right if they're not using the money take it back just like every other government organization you are funded money that you have to use each year if you don't use it they cut your budget because apparently you don't need it so take the money back give it to organizations that can help our kids instead of the national teachers union

  8. Conservatives only want to undermine the Communist teachers and professors⁉️😠
    And especially these Communist teachers unions‼️🤔‼️
    Unions like the NEA should be banned from representing teachers in negotiations with our schools….
    And the politicians who take their support from these teachers unions who have a Communist falsify as their teaching style, need to be voted out on their A$$‼️😠‼️
    They're destroying our kids both mentally and physically and spiritually⁉️🤔⁉️
    It was bad enough when they were just targeting our college aged kids….
    But now they've even started going after our K-12 aged kids, and this cannot be allowed any more….PERIOD‼️

  9. Are teachers teaching to teach or are they a powerful union and only interested in a pension. I dont blame them but can we count on them really teaching . It seems like the are creating there own facts so they dont have to show up after there summer vacation. Wanna bet. The head teacher militant looks like she's dirty. Am I the only one that sees and thinks that.

  10. Do not worry. Foreign educated people will come to United States and fill out the gap. Survival of the fittest. The American kids will edn up at the end of the queue. There are still openings in the fast food industry. Why learn.

  11. they are right on with the kids being messed up , seen 6 kids in a park acting nasty saying nasty things i never remember seeing or hearing such things when i was a kid or with my kids , what the hell is going on?

  12. I'm disappointed to hear the panel generalize teachers as being lazy and apathetic. It's the union leaders who are the problem. All of the teachers I know worked extremely hard, during the pandemic, trying to make remote teaching work for their students. It was a very stressful and frustrating time for teachers as well, and they were very glad to get back into the classroom. I have nothing but respect for teachers who do their best every day in a basically thankless job.

  13. I like Harold Ford. He's at least a reasonable liberal. I don't understand what he meant that 'kids weren't showing up for school on Mondays because their parents couldn't wash their clothes over the weekend.' Wait, what? What's most disturbing is that no one called him on that. The parents can't wash the clothes over the weekend, but come Tuesday morning everything is fine. He went on, 'the schools bought washers and dryers for the parents to use…." Wait, WHAT??? The schools didn't buy washers and dryers, the tax payers bought them… Even even minded liberals are having a problem making any sense. I was embarassed for him.

  14. Holy Bible
    H – he
    O. – only
    L. – leaves
    Y – You
    B. – Basic
    I. – instructions
    B. – Before
    L. – leaving
    E. – Earth

  15. Can’t blame noons when teachers keep voting to pay them dues !! Parents should have right to use the money for charter schools or schools of their choice for their kids !!! It’s TAXPAYERS money notvUnionion money. Simple

  16. What about me and my coworkers who worked at a large grocery store through the covid crap. Our health was compromised and we were stressed out all through this time without making extra income as essential

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