WH Press Sec CALLED OUT Through Fox's Peter Doocy On HYPOCRITICAL 2016 Tweets: Bri & Robby React


Fox Information correspondent Peter Doocy put White Space Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre within the scorching seat the day gone by when he requested a couple of 2016 tweet she posted that implied the 2016 Presidential Election was once stolen from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. #2016 #WhiteHouse #karinejeanpierre

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Date: September 8, 2022

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44 thoughts on “WH Press Sec CALLED OUT Through Fox's Peter Doocy On HYPOCRITICAL 2016 Tweets: Bri & Robby React

  1. @3:10 No sorry Brianna, the Democrats tried to do the exact same thing after Trump's win and times before. The Republicans were challenging the electoral votes which is the solution to such an occasion. Difference is the democrats didn't meet the requirements for the challenge. However, the Republicans met the requirements and in fact had successfully launched a challenge of AZ…but then a riot happened 🤔

  2. for such a fair election why can we not investigate? if i was pure and true i would encourage investigation. would prove to the country i deserved the right. funny the left just says you cant look

  3. As much as I dislike both HRC and Trump, HRC's supporters did not storm the Capital Building to try to stop the official Electoral College count and bully congress people nor did HRC encourage her supporters to do so.

    Trump tried to get Republican leaders, including VP Pence, to disobey the oaths they took to uphold the US Constitution. He also encouraged his common supporters to use violence to stop the democratic process ongoing in Congress. What Trump did was the hallmark of a demagogue, a person our Founding Fathers feared and opposed. HRC was just a sore loser.

  4. "I guess they're not going back and looking at old things." No, Robby. It has nothing to do with flagging old tweets for "questionable" content. It has everything to do with her party affiliation. BIG TECH DOES NOT CENSOR DEMOCRATS.

  5. In 2016, there definitely wasn't a government wide effort to "FORTIFY THE ELECTION" against any candidate, there wasn't postal truckers swearing to delivering truck loads of prefilled ballots, there weren't 2000 mules, there were no experts claiming Trump's win was mathematically impossible, there were no ballot counters sent home while a select few remained behind counting ballots in secrecy and there were no Republican strongholds covering up windows to block the press from observing their operations from outside.

    2020 there was.

  6. You are WRONG Briahna, dems in Congress did EXACTLY what the Republicans did EVERY TIME A REPUBLICAN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT since 2000. It's all on video. And KJP is NOT a nice person, look back at her nasty comments on TV before taking this job.

  7. Did y’all know that the FreeObama phones are filled with spyware and since those phones are government issued phones. When you enter your WiFi password the government can access your network. They monitor your calls texts all because theyre paying the phone bill. Trojan Horse!

  8. It's because when she said it, it was correct, because she thought it was correct. Now that she doesn't think it is correct, it isn't correct and is extremism.

  9. Hard to keep watching Rising with BJG far left opinions. It wouldn't be bad if she was willing to see things from both sides as Robbie's does but according to her opinions, hers are the only ones that matter.

  10. So disappointed in Bri that she twists herself into a pretzel to try and excuse the same behavior just because it happens to have come from her preferred camp.

  11. Notice how easily they speak about stolen election while giving the context YouTube asks for? Before they made a video acting as if they would not be able to speak about things due to these "burdens". Yet here they very smoothly did it no issue. Amazing.

  12. I admire Ms. Jean-Pierre. She is one of my favorite Press Secretaries of all times, and I am an old woman. It's a horrible job and she does it with grace, intelligence, and patience, and such a beautiful smile that the audience doesn't deserve. I hope she stays as long as it does not wear her down. I wish everyone would stop harrassing her.

  13. Better idea: let's focus on the past so we can expose the corruption of both political parties in America and how corrupt most Americans are in general. This whole idea of wasting our time with this clown answering questions for faux news reporters is pathetic. Expose this sham show called American government.

  14. The difference is they didn’t continue the conversation for 2 years after provoking hate and fear into the heart of their supporters . Also Hilary won the popular vote by 3 million. She conceded fairly quick. Trump still hasn’t and insists on his lies.

  15. kip is a liar. That is her professional resume from all she has been doing since she got the job. With Biden who lies constantly, she has to follow up with lies. She wanted the job.

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