What AOC said is 'outrageous': Trace Gallagher


‘The Big Sunday Show' panelists weigh in on the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and discuss the impact it has on the pro-choice and pro-life movements.

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Date: August 19, 2022

RSS The Hill

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37 thoughts on “What AOC said is 'outrageous': Trace Gallagher

  1. Who are these 2 women? The one on the right was getting pregnant in high school. The one on the left looks like her entire face is fake from cosmetic surgery. Her lips are all puffy. Fox is truly the new CNN.

  2. Stacy Abrahams was aborted; the same goes for Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer & Schiff to name a few. These pecker heads are all bots, not to mention stupid 1's.

  3. Someone needs to rescue AOC's dog asap. Just imagine the torture of hearing her annoying voice all day long.. Smdh, poor dog.

  4. I have an existing friend who unfortunately has got abortion after abortion more than a handful of times. I mean, when does it stop? Abortions are not a form of contraception!!! And I should have a choice to decide what my working tax dollars support. I am ProLife.

  5. Everything She says is outrageous. Probably still mentally traumatized by the horror she felt when She first seen a garbage disposal.

  6. To AOC and the rest of woke. From my mother, a WOMAN! I quote, "I am NOT a menstruating person! I went through menopause. So, I AM A WOMAN!" My mother, a wise and wonderful WOMAN! As it should be

  7. Hot take. IMO it's cancel culture that is driving much of what and how people speak. Her saying it's a decision that should be made privately with the help of a Dr. and family isn't shocking to me in the least.. it should be a SAFE thing to say if you equally value all humans involved.

  8. so if life begins at the point of conception then when a baby is born why don't republicans consider the baby to be 9 months old? And who is going to pay for all these unwanted babies? the republicans? I don't think so.

  9. If its a medical issue then at the point a heart beat can be detected why would a doctor who took an oath to help people choose to stop that heart from beating?

  10. Way back when in high school my buddy was doing very well and started receiving mailings from the GOP and invites to apply at many of the best colleges.
    I was outstanding in high school, out standing in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and joints. I too received mail from places such as Manpower or Labor Ready offering me careers in day labor. They had claims such as "Hod carriers eat steak!" I had offers to join the military in Poland and a position in Uganda as "Medal Carrier" for Idi Amin. Democrats were scared away by my high IQ.since we all know "D" stands for dummy.
    I finally landed a coveted position among the very wealthy as dishwasher in the kitchen of a high class place. Regular promotions followed such "Still a dishwasher but faster now" and whatever diners did not finish I could help myself! Minimum wage was $1.65 but I lied about my age and got $2.00 an hour. I told them I had many hungry grandchildren relying on their Paw-paw for a meal. (I began then getting mailings from Old Manpower)
    Democrats really still hate me though, they hate success stories.

  11. Hey, no one said what you are saying they said. You are trying to put your own words into other people's mouths for your sensationalism of the issue. Look, if you are going to shovel that much crap, please take yourself to a farm where you would maybe be useful for something….

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