What caused a small town's whole police force to resign?


Entire north Carolina police force quits: Chief talks to Laura exclusively #foxnews #theingrahamangle

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Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

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26 thoughts on “What caused a small town's whole police force to resign?

  1. This is the thing that always confuses me about the side that I identify with if we are so excepting and loving and kind then why do we do this to our own people???? How does bashing one group who is doing there job trying to keep you safe help anybody??? Sometimes I don’t know what to say anymore

  2. I watch both sides and why isn’t the left covering this??? This is why I watch both I can disagree but with that I get information I will not get from the other side this is so sad why are we treating out police like this???

  3. Amazing, she expected the Chief to show up on time, and do his job. Must be rough. I say stay with the GOP agenda; refund the schools, let the Police do whatever they want. If a black person is your boss cry "black lives matter" and quit. Ingaham's clearly stated Ingraham will be targeting the Mayor, projecting the same behavior on to the Mayor. Also, by the sounds of the citizens of the town, they feel like "good riddance".

  4. My last couple of years in the Army I had to deal with a female First Sergeant who was EXACTLY like the b*tch in this story. She was an extreme misandrist on top of it all. She cost me a stripe and several other male NCOs their careers. Upper leadership knew she was toxic but simply moved her out of our company into another where she continued to do the same things. I would have left, but unfortunately the Army doesn't let go of it's troops that easily. I could seriously write a book about all the sh*t she did to people.

  5. Something doesn't sit right in my spirit about this situation? 1 She is a woman and on top of everything she is black woman. No one even consider race. Okay what year is this again. A white six man police force is a joke in it self.

  6. You need to wake up and get back into reality! Please watch something else besides FOX NEWS!! Watch CBS/MSNBC/SKYNEWS/BBC/CNN/NBC or read a newspaper. FOX IS THE ONLY CHANNEL SPREADING THIS GARBO!!! tRUMPS HEADING TO JAIL FOLKS!!! AND SOON!!!

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