Will Biden cancel scholar mortgage debt?


‘The Giant Sunday' display panelists speak about expanding force from the left for President Biden to cancel scholar mortgage debt as federal scholar mortgage bills are set to renew in early September. #foxnews #fox

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Date: August 25, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Will Biden cancel scholar mortgage debt?

  1. Disgusting blatant VOTE BUYING SCHEME to change subject from disastrous economic condition at Midterm. How about require every college to FIRE half their bloated useless staff added since govt took over student loan program. Make schools use that savings to rebate percentage of tuition to EVERYONE who attended during that timeframe regardless of funding source. I just paid 30k tuition for a masters out of my savings I EARNED. Now I get to pay off debt from irresponsible dead beats many of whom got USELESS degrees.

  2. What a idiot why should they get a free ride what about outhers have to pay. Joe biden you are a idiot stop spending taxpayers money why don't you and the rest liberals democrats pay it off nope because yall like to make money

  3. How is it I knew at 19 years old, when I signed the PROMISSORY note for my first college loan, that I was actually RESPONSIBLE for paying it back. I paid off all of my student loans AND those of my wife. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but can SOMEBODY help me understand WHY I'm supposed to support a bunch of worthless college graduates that don't FEEL like they should have to pay back money they borrowed from tens of thousands of citizens who actually PAID OFF their loans or those who didn't need to take out any loans at all because they used sound financial planning?

  4. The education system is in bed with the federal reserve.

    Schools want kids to get a degree.
    They dont want kids to learn a trade.
    They took out all shop and. Home. Ec.
    Again this is child endangerment /molestation.. Making them go into debt.

  5. In other news, our deficit is set to increase by $1 trillion, while private banks holding student loans are set to get paid $1 trillion. Yay! And it is mostly well off people are who are getting this debt cancellation, not a nice even slice across all economic levels of Americans. This administration never met an upward transfer of wealth they didn't like. These are supposed to be "We care SOOO much!" Democrats, right?

  6. Joe Biden is a genius. Here is why it makes sense to erase some college debt. Hopefully fox won't delete my comment again. While they can do that without violating the first amendment, I would think that as a news organization they would see how censorship is not a good thing. But back to college debt. First of all, erasing college debt for families enables them to qualify for better home loans. Interest rates have gone up lately and this move will stimulate the economy without lowering interest rates. This is critical as some experts predict that a recession is looming, if we are not already in one. By lowering student debt, it puts more buyers into the slowing housing market. This puts blue collar workers like electricians and plumbers to work. In short, this is a stimulus that rewards people for education instead of burdening them and punishing them with debt, and at the same time helps the economy. No More.

  7. What about all those individuals who took the time to evaluate the cost to benefit ratio of paying for college and elected against it? They make it sound like college was forced on them and someone forced them to write their signature on the line. To not sign up for a bad deal is only a small lesson in life. Same reason I do not gamble away my earnings. Why are we forgiving those who choose poorly and still treating them like they are better than those who made the right choices first? So you bit into the social trend of beleiving college was the best thing for your life and now you have to pay for the decision. Not society's obligation unless the govt is offering the entire society free education.

  8. This is exactly the same thing that all third-world banana governments do, which year after year plunge their countries into misery. This government that continues outside the Law, is giving away spurious money, which is manufactured without support with a printer, generating more inflation and without a doubt, everything, 100% is paid by the taxpayer, Biden does not give anything away, he also lives from our pocket decades ago. We must get out of this scam as soon as possible, we are in the totally opposite direction, which made the USA great.
    Democratic politicians, approving of these lies, bury their political careers. Everything is paid in this life.

  9. A mere ploy in an attempt to gain support and Democratic votes. Convient timing don't you think? Pelosi is the master at fraudulent elections, ballot harvesting and last ditch efforts for elections. It's what happens in CA, they made it legal to cheat.

  10. I agree. But What about the “idiots” that major in medicine with debt? And not gender studies. I mean we already pay higher taxes because of higher income then we taking care of the people (ALL RACES) living off the government, and then people come into our office asking us to sign off on benefits they no longer qualify for because their health issue has resolved (ALL RACES NOT JUST BLACK PEOPLE).

  11. Biden will not forgive student loans; just change who will have to pay them back (you the taxpayer)

    Looks like Joe the plumber is going to pay for some college debt, even though he and his kids never went!!

    While Inflation and fuel is at a 40 year high. Never underestimate Biden’s ability to F things up!!!

  12. If the college and universities eat the cost I’m all for it. If not, get off. To the students who borrowed insane amounts of money, I just have a few things to say. NO ONE FORCED YOU TO TAKE THE LOAN. You signed the paper knowingly and willingly took a massive debt load. Pay it off like a responsible human being. Got a mortgage or car loan? You know what responsible ppl do with these loans? They pay it off.

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